Submarine Power Cable Monitoring

High voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) cables are essential for the supply of a country with sufficient and uninterruptible electric energy. Such cables are sensitive against overloads or damages of the isolation. Installed submarine, underground or in tunnels, they are hardly accessible and superviseable. Besides, submarine cables are put out to particular risks by shipping traffic, fishing activities, sea currents and tides.

Our supervision solution allows the continuous temperature monitoring about the complete length of such cables by Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology. Integrated optical fibers in the cables or separate fiber cables are used as temperature sensors. From the temperature of the cable and their changes conclusions about the operating condition of the cable can be derived.

Overloads, also selective ones, can be avoided so. Changes in the surrounding area of the cable, as for example washouts, are recognised immediately and allow thus suitable countermeasures. By the continuous measurement of the temperature along the cable the compliance with required minimum values, e.g., sufficient cover with mud, can be monitored and documented.



  • Monitoring of the entire length
  • Cable load optimization
  • Detection of critical operation conditions
  • Spatial resolution with meter accuracy
  • Continously and fully automatic
  • Without gap and in real time
  • Ability to intervene in time!