Pipeline Monitoring

Pipelines are of great importance for the energy supply of a country, but also for the chemical industry. The complete and continuous monitoring of the integrity is a great challenge. Pipelines bridge long distances, often in remote areas, are endangered by earth movements (land slides, sagging, washouts, earthquakes) or by damages caused by third parties (construction works, sabotage, illegal tapping). Leaking conduits endanger people and environment and can develop fast to disasters.

Conventional supervision methods (visual inspections, mass balances, pressure checks) recognise leakages only from a certain size onwards and not always immediately. Thereby failures in the early stage are not recognised in time.

Our monitoring system takes here remedial action. Pipelines are monitored continuously, automatically and about the entire length. Fibers of existing telecomunication cables and special strain sensor cables are used along the pipeline for Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS). Creeping leakages and the smallest ground movements (which can lead to leakage) are recognised on a real-time basis, analysed, valued and automatically announced to the operation center of the operator. This allows suitable countermeasures before bigger damages originate, minimises the risks and avoids high consequential costs. The huge reach per measuring channel (without extra amplifiers or repeaters) and the possibility to equip the measuring instrument with several channels, permit efficient and economic supervision solutions.



  • Monitoring of the entire length
  • Detection of creeping leaks
  • Detection of smallest ground movements
  • Spatial resolution with meter accuracy
  • Continuously and fully automatical
  • Without any gap and in real time
  • Ability to intervene in time!